Sanctuary Ministry Action Alert #65

August 10, 2022

Prepared by the Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry 

WHAT: Buses from Texas and Arizona filled with migrants continue to arrive daily in our city. After long and unimaginable journeys, those aboard transit DC. before proceeding to their final destinations. The Sanctuary Ministry and other members of the faith and mutual aid community have welcomed them in solidarity. As people of faith and members of the Beloved Community, there are many ways to support. 


1. Volunteering at Respite Centers Throughout the city, houses of faith have opened their doors in the creation of respite centers. These are staffed and supported by volunteers. 

Volunteer: At any respite center any day of the week. Please email (and provide your telephone number) for information. Volunteers need not have language skills. The keys are a welcoming heart and flexibility in an ever-changing landscape. 

2. Supporting Respite Centers and Onward Journeys 

The general fund: Paypal (preferred) or Venmo @SantuaryDMV with “TX/AZ Solidarity” in the memo 

The housing fund: Paypal (@peacehouseDC) or Venmo (@PeaceHDC) with “TX/AZ Solidarity” in the memo 

The solidarity chef fund: through the Beloved Community Incubator’s Givebutter (like Gofundme) 

– Purchase: Order supplies of the wishlist, it is updated daily:

In-kind donations: Drop off supplies at The Outrage on 14th St NW during business hours with a note “for Texas solidarity”. 

a. Adult clothing in all sizes for all genders: 

i. Basic clothing: underwear, socks, t-shirts, pants, skirts 

ii. Warm clothing: sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, coats 

iii. Shoes 

b. For children: 

i. Kids and infant clothing and shoes of all types 

ii. Diapers all sizes 

iii. Toys!!! Kids need comfort objects. 

Please note, this is an ad hoc coalition of kindness begun 4 months ago and many of the places where funds may be sent are not tax deductible. 

A kind word, a plate of hot food, a pair of shoes, a painful blister attended to, and the grace of a safe place where fear can be dispelled for even a short time is a heart-felt statement of what we can do for our neighbor. What we can do as a city. What we can do to create a welcoming America. 

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” 

Our advocacy efforts follow the resolutions of the Episcopal Church General Convention and of our own Episcopal Diocese of Washington Diocesan Convention. We are members of the Episcopal Asylum and Immigrant Detention Ministry Network of the Episcopal Migration Ministries.

Published by Bethany Woodson

Just a couple of aspiring activists out here in the world trying to learn something.

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