Want to see positive visual displays of immigrants?

By Maribel Rodriguez

Things you can do to support the cause


Donate time, money, skill or a needed kind donation to an immigrant serving organization in your area. There are so many people and places doing good work but here is a start.

Immigrant serving organizations, in my network that I would recommend:

  1. Ayuda
  2. Carecen DC
  3. Esperanza Education Fund

Other Immigrant Serving Organizations I admire.

  1. United We Dream
  2. Define America

Immigrant, native-born citizen or somewhere in between…

Yes, you can be celebrated by sharing your stories and ideas on our website’s forum love4immigrants.com. You can also find some blog posts that might be helpful or simply enjoyable.

Ideas for Immigrants:

  • Share your inspirations, struggles, resiliency techniques, community stories and aspiration for the future.

Ideas for native-born citizens:

  • Tell us how immigrants have made a positive difference in your life or why you love immigrants.


  • Please share your artwork displaying immigrants in a positive light, adding a thoughtful contribution to our collective discussion about immigration.

Immigrant Serving Organizations

  • Show us what you do everyday to support immigrants!


Research the following or one of your own ideas:

  • Which organizations in the United States are best at closing the trust gap and fostering peace between immigrants and native-born American citizens, specifically those who originally were anti immigration.
  • Which organizations in the United States are most effective at helping immigrants obtain their residency documents.

Small Change Counts

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