Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants

by Wendy Buendia Art is meant to provoke emotion, it is the ultimate goal of discovery in oneself and the world. Reading is a less formally categorized artistic medium, but brings the same influence that more “traditional” artistic mediums have on sculpting minds and hearts. The cultivation of one’s perspective can only be achieved throughContinue reading “Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants”

Introduction to South Sudan from Why We Wander

Written by our very own Bethany Woodson about her experience working with refugees in Upper Nile State, South Sudan. Check out the full article below and stay tuned for more about the refugee situation in Upper Nile and Bethany’s experiences in the humanitarian sector! Greetings from Upper Nile State, South Sudan. I recently arrived inContinue reading “Introduction to South Sudan from Why We Wander”