Sanctuary Ministry Action Alert #75

October 24, 2022 Prepared by the Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry  What: Disrupt the Racist Deportation Machine: The Black Immigrant Perspective Event – a Panel Discussion on the Black Migrant Experience addressing the experiences of Black immigrants in the United States.  Why: The national debate over immigrant rights is part of the on-going conversation onContinue reading “Sanctuary Ministry Action Alert #75”

Sanctuary Ministry Action Alert #65

August 10, 2022 Prepared by the Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry  WHAT: Buses from Texas and Arizona filled with migrants continue to arrive daily in our city. After long and unimaginable journeys, those aboard transit DC. before proceeding to their final destinations. The Sanctuary Ministry and other members of the faith and mutual aid communityContinue reading “Sanctuary Ministry Action Alert #65”

Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants

by Wendy Buendia Art is meant to provoke emotion, it is the ultimate goal of discovery in oneself and the world. Reading is a less formally categorized artistic medium, but brings the same influence that more “traditional” artistic mediums have on sculpting minds and hearts. The cultivation of one’s perspective can only be achieved throughContinue reading “Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants”

What Are Immigrants Fleeing From?

By Rossella Battaglia I work for an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Movimiento por la Paz as a community worker in a reception center located in Madrid. People we welcome can be identified as follows: sub-Saharan Africans coming mainly from Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Gambia, Burkina Faso who begin their migratory process in their ownContinue reading “What Are Immigrants Fleeing From?”

Catalina Rodríguez Tapia

Meet Catalina I am a writer who will be published in December 2020. My upcoming book, “Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants” aims to eliminate the stigma linked to migrants by showing their stories and their aspirations when moving to the United States and other destination countries. I do so by telling the stories ofContinue reading “Catalina Rodríguez Tapia”