How to Take Action

Many times it is difficult to know how to help immigrants and refugees, especially when the problems seem so big. In this blog you will find a call for action for simple steps you can take to make a real impact in someone’s life. As some of you are aware of the news sending immigrantsContinue reading “How to Take Action”

Salomé Cosmique

Meet Salomé As an artist I am interested in the political, social and healing power of the arts. I believe that one of the best weapons for the transformation of society is through the arts which is why I consider myself an activist and a multidisciplinary artist. Through the use of different mediums (painting, drawing,Continue reading “Salomé Cosmique”

Want to see positive visual displays of immigrants?

By Maribel Rodriguez Things you can do to support the cause General Donate time, money, skill or a needed kind donation to an immigrant serving organization in your area. There are so many people and places doing good work but here is a start. Immigrant serving organizations, in my network that I would recommend: AyudaContinue reading “Want to see positive visual displays of immigrants?”