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Un-Weaved Stories: Virtual Exhibit Teaching Resource

Visit Occupy White Walls Virtual Reality Gallery mrodl4i!

Occupy White Walls VR Platform Gallery View.

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If you wish to join the Love 4 Immigrants community and have some thoughts on how to improve or wish to shape how our next exhibit will look like please share your thoughts here: Community Feedback Survey

Past Event Gallery

2021 Virtual Reality Exhibit: Un-Weaved Stories (Storytelling, Weaving Memories and Family)

The Community Supported L4I with $574. A big thank you!

Artist Sunday
Virtual Art Healing Speaker Series & Exhibit

A very special thank you to all of the artists and guest speakers who contributed to making this event a success: Aaron Maier, Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Wole Ajagbe, Jacqueline Hernandez, Charles Jean-Pierre, Cande Aguilar, Josemarie Nyagah, Simona Smirnova, Jhonny Awol, Salomé Cosmique, Desanguashington, Karen Morales-Chacana, Chris Urquiaga, Marifel Bermudez, Buddah Desmond, Catalina Rodríguez Tapia, Safi Lynch, Luisa Mariño Garcia, Veronica Olivares, Melissa Moya, Sarah Vulgamore, Kevin Garcia.

Previous Collaborations and Photo-essays

Latinos En Foco



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