Oral History: Sirajul Islam

We asked Sirajul to tell his story.

[My name is] Sirajul Islam living in the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. I am from Myanmar. I was born in 2002 in Myanmar. I am a Rohingya genocide survivor. I am a young poet as well as a photographer. For decades, we Rohingya have been facing genocide in Myanmar. I have migrated to Bangladesh in 2017 in order to save my treasured life. Eventually, I became a refugee and I am living in the refugee camp where I can’t dream of my future. In my motherland Myanmar, I was a student with great hope and the happy moments that I enjoyed in my student life.

[Sirajul discussed with Maribel from Love 4 Immigrants, hope to create a poetry book and be able to publish.]

How has poetry helped you?

Poetry is a part of my life. I write for rights. “I am a young poet. I write for my community to let know the world what we are suffering in the camp.”

This [the poem] is what I am feeling in my life. [It is the] reality of my life.

Poem authored by Sirajul Islam

Titled: “I Cry For Peace”

I Cry for Peace

Since I was born in Myanmar

I have been deprived of peace

I am being treated inhumanely

I’m tortured without any crime

Shedding tears for peace of soul

Tears are turning into stream

Aching the reddish eyes of mine

Drowning in my painful tears

I also belong to this luxurious world

I am deprived of my due education

I want to get a taste of peaceful life

I’m very much hungry for tranquillity

Dreaming of a peaceful life

To ease all my complex barriers

Eager to embrace peace

So that I can glance at [a] perfect life.

– Sirajul Islam

Find Sirajul on Instagram at sirajulislam_siras

Call To Action

You may be wondering how you can help Sirajul. Here are a few tangible action steps you can take.

  1. Share Sirajul’s story and poem on social media, email, and in conversations.
  2. Send Sirajul or Love 4 Immigrants information about any job or other opportunity that can improve his livelihood.
  3. Gather educational resources (especially related to poetry and photography) and send it to Love 4 Immigrants at love4immigrants@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram.

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