Vasundhara Tolia

Vasu is a contemporary painter who is constantly evolving her style. She lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Originally from India, she migrated to US for furthering medical career. She was a very successful academician, mentor, clinician and researcher. After retirement, she learnt drawing and painting at local art center to pour her zeal for nature, humanity and other passions for a few years. Presently, she paints independently and is shifting from classic landscapes, flora, fauna and figures towards abstracting the same. Use of vibrant colors and geometric shapes is her hallmark. The viewer is drawn to her stories on this visual journey. The influence of Indian culture is evident from some of her figurative and Ganesha Paintings.

Vasu has received many awards for her works in local, regional and national competitions including best of shows several times, artist of the future award, published in several magazines and interviewed on radio and on YouTube by NAWA.

She was a tenured Professor of Pediatrics at Wayne State University and has published over 150 research articles, book chapters etc during medical career. Vasu’s artwork has been shown in group exhibitions in Metro Detroit area, California, NYC and in many online national exhibitions. Her art excellence is evident from her many accolades. One of her paintings was featured in the TOP 20 Covid Art in Washington Post in 2020. She had two solo exhibitions so far and has two additional solo exhibitions slated for 2022. She recently joined the board of Friends of Asian Art and Culture at the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

Vasu is also a budding poet who writes poems on different subjects and has been featured in several Ekphrastic events.

Learn more about Vasu here, check out her website, or contact her here.

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