Adriana Rondón-Rivero

Adriana Rondón-Rivero. Caraqueña based in Los Angeles, California. Visual Artist, Journalist and certified Yoga Teacher and Trauma Yoga Informed.                       

I use my body, movement, sound, my voice, poetry, photography and video to create artistic experiences, ranging from video-art, performance art, art installations to participatory art pieces.           

Intercepted by my condition as an immigrant woman of color, I make art around this theme and the body sensations about displacement and exile. I am interested in talking about the social fabric and its most vulnerable components. I create art actions with the intention of building integration and healing. I believe that art has a fundamental place in the transformation, redefinition and re-imagining of painful issues as well as healing their deep wounds.                     

In times when love seems to have no importance and what is valid in our society is what can be named and has an exchange price, what motivates and encourage me is to ask myself: 

What is more profound and politically powerful than a group of women in a spiral sitting on the floor in the public space, sharing their life stories while combing, braiding and adorning their hair with flowers?                     

What happens when you slow down your actions? What could be more powerful than consciously recognizing and inhabiting our own body and taking over one’s own destiny and shedding imposed cultural concepts?                      

If life is movement, isn’t human immigration an act of justice that belongs to us?

I also create participatory art where the contribution of the public is crucial for the creative process. Participatory art is a powerful tool for social change and my intention is to create spaces for healing.

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Just a couple of aspiring activists out here in the world trying to learn something.

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