Love 4 Immigrants: Un-Weaved Stories

Virtual Exhibit 

Love 4 Immigrant’s upcoming virtual exhibition, Un-Weaved Stories, aims to demonstrate how the places we originate from are instrumental in becoming ourselves, but that does not mean that we are duplicates of our ancestors. The stories passed through generations, and the storytelling itself became cherished memories. These memories are unique to each person, as well as the people whom we consider our family. Those connections only add to the wonderful tapestry that sees no end to being complete, which is a beauty in itself. We weave our own journeys using the threads that have been woven for generations, and will continue to be added on with our own colorful perspectives. There will be videos featuring  selected artists.

Twitch livestreams will be available on September 26th at: 12pm, 1pm, and 3pm EST *These are short tour guides(5-10 min) of the VR exhibit

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In appreciation, 

The Love 4 Immigrants Team 

Maribel Rodriguez

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About Love 4 Immigrants 

We are Love 4 Immigrants, a volunteer-run initiative planning to become an arts movement and nonprofit whose mission is to connect immigrants to their communities, as respected, loved, and heard individuals by sharing their narrative through art and storytelling.

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