The Journey & Activism of Salomé Cosmique

By: Wendy Buendia

Moments are fleeting. For thousands of years, artists have tried to capture a memory’s entirety. It has proven to be near impossible. Art helps to capture that very moment, though our own eyes and mind could deceive us on what had actually occurred. Performance art is the closest that we can come to watching that memory play in real-time.

A Colombian artist currently living in Philadelphia, Salomé, has moved to different areas of the world; France, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the United States, following her artistic endeavors.

Salomé Cosmique’s performance art showcases memories, shared history, and the effect that shared history has on the future. Immigration and gender inequality are two of the many prominent themes in her work but have provided some of her most striking and controversial performances yet. Her artistic efforts to bring awareness to these issues began in an airport interrogation room.

“So after my marriage, we [Salomé and her husband] decided to go to Colombia because […] it was very important that my husband meet all my family and my roots. […] When I tried to come back to Puerto Rico, I was stopped by immigration. They stopped me for eight hours because they assumed my marriage was fake… because of the papers. I was in a small room for eight hours and they asked me the same questions every hour. So finally, they sent me back to Colombia because I was inadvisable (that means that I didn’t have the right visa).”

America is Wonderland, a piece of interactive art, allows the observer to become part of her journey. It brings forth a new layer and understanding of what it means to be a naturalized U.S citizen. To be put on display, to feel alienated for characteristics you can’t control and should not feel ashamed of; to be an immigrant. What made the glaring spotlight be cast closer on the viewer and be re-examined through the eyes of anyone questioning, is the little plastic card with four letters branded at the top of your photo: VISA. 

Performance art can bring us back to that very moment, untouched and unedited. The raw emotions demonstrated by Salomé Cosimque’s performances allow the observer to become part of the work. 

Lucky for us, Salomé continues to create a new body of work, questioning stigmas and breaking boundaries. This time she delves into the medium of painting.

She announces her next virtual exhibition at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia where she will have a solo in the muro Líquido curatorial project from January 19 to February 18, 2021.

She created Origine du Monde during a healing art process following two losses in the first trimester of gestation. This work is a dialogue between wonderful women who were her support and her source of inspiration. She thanks all the community for opening their hearts and uniting in womanhood to talk about taboos that hurt us but are normal processes of our feminine history.

The curatorship is carried out by the professor and artist Oscar Salamanca of the Department of Humanities of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (U.T.P.)

Check out Salomé Cosmique’s current exhibition of Origine du Monde at the link below:

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