Artist Sunday: Artist Highlight

Our artists are photographers, visual artists, and upcycled artists who create art with heart, and who have visions that could inspire people to appreciate the small but beautiful moments in life but to think about being kinder to nature, stand up for womens’ rights and build bridges in our nation.

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ARTIST VISION: With my work I seek to awaken hope for change and that together we dream of a better world.
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ARTIST VISION: Josemarie Nyagah is a visual artist from Kenya. She studied her BA in Peace and Conflict Resolution and recently finished her honors degree in Cinematography. Josemarie believes in using art as a medium to shift perceptions and craft transformation in society. Photography is one of the tools that she is uses to do so. Her areas in photography include self-expression, expressive portraits, surrealism in nature and abstract photography.
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ARTIST VISION: Photography is the ideal symmetry of the perfect beauty where I can capture my sensations and leave behind a printed reality. | La fotografia es la simetria ideal de la belleza perfecta dondepuedo plasmar mis sensaciones y dejar impresa una realidad.
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ARTIST VISION: At the age 18, when my first camera was given to me, I discovered I enjoyed photography. Since then I’ve dreamt of being a lens artist. I am passionate about photography, when I am in a photo shoot, I do not feel hungry, nor hot, nor cold until I get the desired image. I enjoy the challenges, every image I capture is a work of art for me. “Color fantasy” is the maximum expression of fantastic colors that nature gives us. Its beauty is out of this world. It’s just spectacular. | A los 18 años descubrí que disfrutaba la fotografía cuando me regalaron mi primera cámara. Desde entonces soñé con ser artista del lente. Me apasiona la fotografía, cuando estoy en una sesión fotográfica, no siento hambre, ni calor, ni frio hasta que obtengo la imagen deseada. Disfruto los retos, cada imagen que capturo es una obra de arte para mi. “Fantasía de colores” es la máxima expresión de colores fantásticos que nos regala la naturaleza animal. Su belleza  es fuera de serie. Es sencillamente espectacular.
ARTIST VISION: Photography is a form of art that can both capture the present moment as well as mesh that reality with an imaginative story. Photographs have always been a way for me to feel connected to people who are far away, who have passed away or as a way to cherish fond memories. My new personal projects are zen photography and I contributed photography for Love 4 Immigrants. Zen photography is about waking up to the present moment and being okay with presenting the moment with all of its flaws and imperfections. My photography for Love 4 Immigrants is exploring how photography can be used for positive social change, to shift narratives, debunk stereotypes, and build bridges.

“Great art belongs to all people, all the time, indeed it is made for the people by the people.”-Maya Angelou | Life is a work of art, and if we can all belong then it is a life worth living.
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ARTIST VISION: I always feel thankful and lucky that I am able to follow my heart by expressing myself and creating art.I love nature and I feel, now more than ever, that we all need to take better care of the Earth. The new mixed media work, I produce, by painting with acrylics on canvases and incorporating aluminum pieces that were upcycled from Nespresso coffee capsules. Cleaning and upcycling colorful Nespresso coffee capsules is meticulous work, but I enjoy the manipulation of the pods as it helps my creative process. The results are beautiful and intricate pieces! I hope that by producing something new, unique and sustainable I can inspire others to recycle and take care of our planet.
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ARTIST VISION: I am a self-taught artist, an equity warrior, a Kundalini yogi, an immigrant.  I paint as meditation – art is my dharma. My work is deeply connected to my Kundalini yoga practice.  I endeavor to pour radical play, love and courage into our universe through my work.  More than anything, I think of myself as a forever novice – I cling to the humility and curiosity of looking at art through the eyes of a beginner.
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