Why do people immigrate?

A little hint why we should love everyone regardless…

A re-post by Mulenzi Tonny

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination COUNTRY of which they are not natives or where they do not possess CITIZENSHIP in order to settle as PERMANENT RESIDENTS or NATURALIZED citizens. IT’S also a phenomenon that happens inside the countries as well, people leave the rural areas and move to the capital or larger cities looking for better opportunities.

Regardless of the love for immigration, many immigrants are physiologically or physically tortured anywhere they are because many people are inflicted with racial segregation,harsh policies, tribalism, wars,limited awareness, but there may be several reasons why people would want to leave their country of birth, and below i will narrate one of them.

Missionary are sent to promote either Christianity or other missions in a foreign country, and many times they decide to stay in the country that they were sent (mark 16:15 and he said unto them go ye into all nations…..) Many adventure-seekers stay for less than a couple of years, but some stay longer and start a new life in the chosen country.

Some people immigrate from restrictive countries in search of political freedom. Some change their citizenship to gain a new identity, and some to get political rights that were missing in the home country, some leave their old life behind so that they can live closer to nature. It happens more frequently than you may think.Depending on your financial situation you would like to provide the best possible healthcare to your family. Some people migrate to access affordable healthcare. Several nations offer free healthcare to their citizens.

When a family member moves abroad, and friend and family from back home can see how well they’ve settled in, developing a new life and enjoying their new lifestyle it adds an aspiration value of moving too. It also gives you enough stimulus to think that you will have someone to support you when you initially move, some countries offer excellent conditions and initial support to immigrants that fulfill certain requirements, like for example knowing the language, certain age or ready to live in a particular area of the welcoming country.

Some people genuinely believe they belong in a different country. Many times minorities (religious or sexual) seen the need to move from their home country to a more tolerant nation, so they can begin the life they always wanted. many younger ones are to pursue higher education in a field that can be not available in their country, or better universities are available abroad. Once you move to study many times, they enjoy better their new place and extend their stay indefinitely. Now isn’t necessarily people to meet in person, the internet opens new opportunities to everybody, and brings people closer together emotionally.

Every day people are moving to the other end of the world people to be with their loved ones, it isn’t as strange and uncommon as it sounds, salaries and working conditions between countries, many developed countries provide a social network that makes those countries attractive for people from less developed countries. Also, many people immigrate to escape from high unemployment and lack of opportunities in their home country. some people are looking for a higher standard of living. Not talking only about money but cleaner, healthier, and a better quality of life.

Lastly Individuals living in war-torn countries like some parts of the middle east, feel the need to immigrate to get away from the fighting and to escape danger. Climate change also has a responsibility for immigration, with the continually over nature through force. Sometimes nature strikes back rendering man homeless and helpless. Due to sudden storms, floods, tsunamis, and several other natural disasters people need to flee and seek asylum in another relatively safer environment.

In conclusion as international human rights law are closely intertwined; refugees are fleeing governments that are either unable or unwilling to protect their basic human rights time is now to create a world that is safe for all of us we are all humans regardless and being in another country shouldn’t became a crises but a blessing. Let’s be more tolerant and help immigrants to integrate to our society.

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