Salomé Cosmique

Meet Salomé

As an artist I am interested in the political, social and healing power of the arts. I believe that one of the best weapons for the transformation of society is through the arts which is why I consider myself an activist and a multidisciplinary artist. Through the use of different mediums (painting, drawing, sound and performance) I allow myself to express my diverse political, historical, anthropological and spiritual interests. One of the objectives of my work is to remember our memories, where we came from, and who our ancestors were, because if we do not remember our history, we will be unable to effect change and we will continue to repeat the same mistakes.

I see my performative actions as part of my activism and as a symbol of protest. As an artist I am interested in the inequality of women, dissident bodies, immigration and colonialism. Through my performances I use my body as a vehicle of protest, allowing the public to interact with my body so that they may also live the experience and to be a part of the work itself.


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