Catalina Rodríguez Tapia

Meet Catalina

I am a writer who will be published in December 2020. My upcoming book, “Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants” aims to eliminate the stigma linked to migrants by showing their stories and their aspirations when moving to the United States and other destination countries. I do so by telling the stories of migrants who leave everything behind in search of a new life. Through my work I also explore some of the difficulties that Central Americans face in their home country, often being unprotected from the state, so that the reader may empathize with some people’s decision.

Check Out Catalina’s Studio!

You can find an excerpt of Catalina’s upcoming book Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants here and pre-order your copy here!

If you are a Central American Migrant interested and willing to tell your story — please fill out the form here, Catalina would love to hear from you! Preparé este google docs para migrantes centroamericanos que quisieran y estén dispuestos a contar su historia e incluira en el libro.


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